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Tackling Serious and Organised Crime Webinar

Public Policy Exchange will be hosting a Webinar on Tackling Serious and Organised Crime:

Keeping Pace with an Escalating Challenge which will take place on Tuesday, November 21st 2023 from 9:30 AM — 1:00 PM.

Confirmed Speaker: 

  • Professor John Coxhead, Director of the International PIEL Centre, Royal Docks School of Business and Law, University of East London


  • Review the state of Serious and Organised Crimes (SOCs) in the UK, their drivers, the tools available to law enforcement, and the value of introducing new offences and new powers
  • Understand the effects of new technologies, Brexit, Covid-19 and the cost-of living crisis on criminal activity in the UK
  • Analyse the effectiveness of the UK government’s current strategies and methods in tackling violent SOCs
  • Examine the role of local community groups and the private sector in tackling SOCs
  • Rethink financial and economic crimes in the context of a “Whole-System Approach” to SOCs
  • Discuss the concerns raised by the general public surrounding surveillance, privacy and civil rights in the tackling of SOCs
  • Identify key priorities for future national strategies
  • Evaluate the role that new technologies and other innovations can play in effectively addressing SOCs


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