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About Wiltshire SVPP

The Safeguarding Vulnerable People Partnership (SVPP) are the multi-agency safeguarding arrangements in Wiltshire.

The SVPP was established in February 2019 in response to Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 which required that  local safeguarding partners set out arrangements to work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of local children including identifying and responding to their needs.

Partnership Structure

The Safeguarding Vulnerable People Partnership (SVPP) brings together the work of the Safeguarding Adults Board, the work of the Community Safety Partnership and partnership activity in relation to safeguarding children. The diagram below illustrates the structure of the SVPP and how these areas work together.

The SVPP Executive functions as the Safeguarding Adults Board and provides scrutiny of the systems to safeguard children and adults. The SVPP Executive’s subgroups provide scrutiny and assurance in relation to the safeguarding of children and adults, including statutory and non-statutory case reviews. 

The CSP Executive focuses on scrutiny and assurance in regards to tackling crime, its root causes and its impact on our communities. The Chair of the CSP Executive is a member of the SVPP Executive to ensure that there is join-up between the safeguarding and community safety agendas. The CSP’s subgroups co-ordinate partnership activity in relation to their specific area of business. Membership of the subgroups consists of agencies who have a role in driving forwards the agenda of the group.

Steering Groups provide some additional focus to specific areas of work related to subgroup business.

The SVPP has one Business Support Unit to support and facilitate these arrangements and co-ordinate business across the partnership, support collaboration and reduce duplication. Some virtual partnership meetings will be recorded for minuting purposes,  The SVPP Recordng and Transcribing Policy can be found here.  For more information about the partnership contact svpp@wiltshire.gov.uk

Download the structure of the SVPP

Who are the safeguarding partners?

The safeguarding partners are the Local Authority, Clinical Commissioning Group and the Police. They have a shared and equal duty to make arrangements to work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children and adults in a local area (as set out in Working Together 2018 and the Care Act 2014)

Read Wiltshire’s Safeguarding Plan

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