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SVPP Newsletter - Issue 7

SVPP newsletter Issue 7 

Welcome to Issue 7 of Wiltshire SVPP’s e-newsletter, bringing you the latest news and updates from the SVPP, including the Wiltshire Community Safety Partnership (CSP).    

Safeguarding disabled children - Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel 

The Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel has published the second of two reports from its national safeguarding practice review into safeguarding children with disabilities and complex needs in residential settings in England. The report looks at systemic issues arising from the first report and sets out key practice points and recommendations to improve the lives of disabled children in residential care.
Download the report here: Safeguarding children with disabilities in residential settings 
See NSPCC Learning on: Safeguarding d/Deaf and disabled children and young people 

Alcohol Change 

Alcohol Change

The Blue Light Project was initiated to develop new approaches and care pathways for people who are in need of support but are not in contact with treatment services. It challenges the belief that only drinkers who show clear motivation to change can be helped and sets out positive strategies that can be used with this client group.

The Blue Light Manual provides professionals with tools and sets out strategies to help understand why individuals might not engage with services, appropriately risk assess as well as advice and approaches to reduce harm and manage risk.

  For babys sake

Domestic abuse: For Baby’s Sake

In response to themes considered in the Domestic Abuse National Panel’s Briefing and webinar about domestic abuse, here are links to two short films ‘For Baby’s Sake’ and ‘Is my behaviour abusive?’ illustrating a whole family response to domestic abuse. In both films, parents share their stories.

Here is also a link to Parental Relationships Spectrum: a tool for professionals and families to help distinguish between relationship conflict and domestic abuse.

Connect Wiltshire

Connect Wiltshire is a free drug and alcohol service led by Turning Point in partnership with Developing Health & Independence (DHI), Julian House and The Nelson Trust.
A specialist team skilled in supporting people are available to help, whether it’s intensive support or just some brief advice. Individual recovery plans from a range of options & services are available.

Professional referrals can be made online here.

Self-referral (over 25s) via telephone (0300 5550 157), online or by email: connectreferrals@turning-point.co.uk

The Wiltshire Neglect Framework

A new Wiltshire Neglect Framework has recently been developed and is designed to highlight best practice and tools that can help in our recognition of and response to neglect and aims to:

  • To develop an increased understanding, common language, and a shared narrative of neglect across the partnership.
  • Increase and embed the use of the GCP2 as a tool to assess parenting capacity and target support.
  • Improve our response to early signs of neglect.

Please visit the Neglect page of the SVPP website to see the full framework.

To support the launch of the framework there will be a free to attend virtual webinar; briefing on the framework and learning from case reviews.  

Neglect – Learning from case reviews and the Wiltshire Neglect Framework

  • 7thJune 2023, 13.30-14.30

Please book your place on this webinar via our learning management system, Virtual College.  For links and information on how to do this, please visit the Learning Hub – Booking Training page.  A recording of the webinar will be made available following the 7th of June live event.

Useful links, resources and events in brief


National Stalking Awareness Week took place on 24th-28th April this year.  The theme was ‘Standing Against Stalking: Supporting Young People’ and focused on stalking amongst young people from the ages of 16 to 24. For more information and resources on stalking visit the Suzy Lamplugh Trust

      Research in Practice

Research in Practice, the University of Bedfordshire and The Children's Society have created new practice principles for responding to child exploitation and extra-familial harm. The principles are designed to support effective partnerships and a more holistic response. Themes identified among the eight principles include: effective communication; critical thinking; collaboration; and high-quality learning and development. View the principles here:Multi-agency practice principles for responding to child exploitation and extra-familial harm

  safe secure online

Pornography and Young People: A New Interface Podcast Andy Phippen is professor of digital rights at Bournemouth University. In this podcast he is joined by colleagues to talk about online sexual content, and its impact on young people's relationships, body image, and more. Click here to listen to the episode.

  Operation Sceptre

Op Sceptre - Wiltshire Police are joining police forces across the country in a national knife crime awareness campaign. Operation Sceptre and Knife Surrender will run from Monday 15 May to Saturday 27 May 2023. This iteration of Op Sceptre will feature a knife surrender campaign to encourage the public, particularly young people, to hand in any knives they have in surrender bins in Swindon and across the county.

Surrender bins can be found at several locations in Swindon and the rest of the county. Details on the Wiltshire Police website here.

Training image

SVPP Training and Learning Events

Did you know the SVPP offers a range of free e-learning courses? Modules include Child and Adult Exploitation, Self-Neglect, Learning from Case Reviews, Mental Capacity Act and DoLs and E- Safety. To book any SVPP training courses including e learning, click here 

  08.06.2023    Contextual Safeguarding Courses - Half Day

  15.06.2023    Safer Recruitment

  21.06.2023    Domestic Abuse

  28.06.2023   Radicalisation and Extremism

  06.07.2023   Specialist Advanced Practitioner Training

  10.07.2023   Neglect

  11.07.2023   Contextual Safeguarding Courses - Half Day

  13.07.2023   DASH Risk Assessment and MARAC Training

  18.07.2023   Safer Recruitment Refresher

  12.09.2023   Radicalisation and Extremism

  19.09.2023   Sexualised Behaviour

  21.09.2023   Conferences and Core Groups

  26.09.2023   Domestic Abuse

  28.09.2023   Contextual Safeguarding Courses - Half Day


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