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SVPP Newsletter Issue 9

SVPP newsletter Issue 9

Welcome to Issue 9 of Wiltshire SVPP’s e-newsletter, bringing you the latest news and updates from the SVPP, including the Wiltshire Community Safety Partnership (CSP). 

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Learning from case reviews

  • Wiltshire Community Safety Partnership published a Domestic Homicide Review for Krystyna and Elzbieta (Salisbury DHR). Alongside the Executive summary a 7-minute briefing and presentation slides designed to disseminate the learning from the Review has also been published. SVPP hosted a webinar on 7th September to share the findings of the review. The webinar recording is now available for anyone to view. To request enrolment for this webinar, go to the SVPP learning hub.
  • Wiltshire Community Safety Partnership published a Domestic Homicide Review for Emily (DHR Emily) in June 2023. A webinar recording and a 7-min briefing and presentation slides designed to disseminate the learning from the review is now available. To request enrolment for this webinar, go to the SVPP learning hub.


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Update from Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel

The Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel is responsible at a national level for identifying and overseeing the review of serious child safeguarding cases which, in its view, raise issues that are complex or of national importance.  The Panel's first national conference took place on the 5th June 2023 and focussed on ‘Reimagining Child Protection – New Opportunities’. A highlight video is now available on YouTube, along with videos of each plenary session.

The Panel have published a joint briefing paper with Foundations on Working with male carers to reduce non-accidental injury to infants under 1 year old. The aim of the paper is to support safeguarding partners in reviewing their current policies on working with fathers and to make recommendations on how the evidence base and national guidelines can be further developed. The report builds upon work that Foundations were commissioned to carry out by the Department for Education, and on the Panel’s third national review ‘The Myth of Invisible Men’.


Brand update: FearLess an abuse specialist service for Wiltshire have rebranded to FearFree. The updated name reflects the spirit of original consultations with staff, volunteers, partners, commissioners and clients’ views. The service can still be reached through the existing email addresses, social media account and website. Despite the rebranding and name change the mission remains the same - breaking the cycle of abuse and helping people live fear free. For more information and support, visit: FearFree - Local Support for Domestic Abuse



Tackling VAWG Together Conference will be taking place at Tidworth, Wiltshire, on Monday 4th December 2023. It has been recognised that there are voices of women that aren’t heard as much and this conference aims to understand those seldom heard voices, and what can be done to ensure we are tackling VAWG for everyone.

Self-harm Workshop - Public Health Wiltshire have organised an in-person event on 2nd of November 9:30-16:00, with the aim to bring together individuals from organisations across Wiltshire to collaborate and build a shared understanding of self-harm, and how we can support people in Wiltshire. To register for this event please visit Eventbrite here.

Swindon and Wiltshire Risk of Radicalisation Event - Taking place on 4th & 5th October virtually.

Day 1 is open to anyone and everyone and will be looking at Prevent more broadly

Day 2 is open to everyone but focused more around Education

Booking for the event is available via Eventbrite here.

Useful links and resources 

Innovate Project

Free webinars on new approaches to extra-familial harm and facilitating innovation Learn more about the processes of innovation in social care and related settings by attending these five webinars. To book your place please visit Eventbrite here.

WC Youth Council

Wiltshire Youth Council have just released their second podcast around fostering with lots of great information around how it feels to be moved into a new home and how corporate parents can make that transition as easy as possible. The guests discuss the various methods that have helped them navigate this transition, ensuring they thrive in their new homes. The podcast can be accessed here.

Wiltshire Shout Banner

SHOUT Service This is a reminder of the free text message mental health support service available to Wiltshire residents of all ages. Wiltshire residents can text WILTS to 85258 to access free, confidential mental health support from a trained volunteer who will aim to get them to a safe and calm place. This service is available to Wiltshire residents of all ages, it is available 24/7 and won’t appear on the texters bill.

Wiltshire Connect Substance Use service logo

Drug and Alcohol awareness workshops: Connect Wiltshire Substance Use Service are offering training on Alcohol awareness, Identification and Brief Advice (IBA) and working with change resistant clients for frontline professionals based in Wiltshire. This training is interactive and will run over Microsoft Teams. By attending you can expect to learn about the following: 

  • Alcohol awareness and education (units, risks, prevalence etc.)
  • Identification and Brief Advice and how to use the Audit-C Tool
  • Knowing when it’s important to refer to services and how to have those conversations
  • Approaches professionals can take when someone refuses a referral or doesn’t engage in support
  • Following the training you will receive a pack of resources to help put the training into practice

Connect are also offering monthly drug and alcohol awareness workshops which are open to all professionals. The workshops will provide an introduction to drugs, alcohol and treatment options available. If you’re interested in attending please contact connectreferrals@turning-point.co.uk.

Updated Statutory guidance: The Home Office have recently published new updates on Modern slavery and how to identify and support victims. The updated version of the paper can be found here.

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The Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse

The CSA centre are hosting two training events for professionals in September.

  • The role of technology in harmful sexual behaviour in children (19th September) Digital technology and the internet are becoming more integrated into all of our daily lives, including children's. They also play an increasing role in incidents of harmful sexual behaviour by children and young people. The half day course is designed to give professionals the knowledge, skills and confidence to respond to and manage this behaviour, and provide effective support.
  • Identifying and responding to child sexual abuse for designated safeguarding leads (20th and 27th September) Run across two half days, this course supports DSLs in education settings to build their understanding of the scale and nature of child sexual abuse and explores how to use the available resources in practice with learning to confidently cascade across their education setting. For further information and to book your place please click here.


An updated version of the High Risk Professionals Meeting Guidance and toolkit is available for the support and management of very complex cases where, despite continuing work, serious risks are still present and all other safeguarding options / action / protection and interventions have been exhausted.

Upcoming Safeguarding Campaigns:

Please use these campaigns and resources to raise awareness of safeguarding within your own organisation

  • ICON week 25th – 29th September 2023 is here to raise awareness of infant crying and how to cope to support parents/carers and prevent serious injury, illness and even death of young babies as a result of Abusive Head Trauma that happens when someone shakes a baby.
  • Recovery Month 1st-30th September 2023 celebrates the gains made by those in substance use and mental health recovery, raises awareness of harmful alcohol and drug use and promotes the benefits of prevention, treatment and recovery support services. This year’s theme is ‘Recovery is for Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community’. The Connect Wiltshire Substance Use Service will be leading 4 recovery walks in different towns across the County. Anyone is welcome - please see our website here for dates and places of where these will be held.


SVPP Training – Webinars and Workshops

Learning from Local Case Reviews: Overview for Safeguarding Leads – 20th September

This webinar will present an overview of local case reviews and analysis of learning relating to children and adults from 2022-2023 and will link into themes from national learning.  Recommended for Safeguarding Leads. Free to attend.  Booking available via Virtual College under the ‘Events’ tile.

Ways of Writing Workshop – 28th September

This session is about the way we write as professionals about children, young people, and families. Learning from young people, Children’s Social Care have embarked on changing their writing and putting trauma informed responses at their heart of our communication. Children’s social care would like to extend this knowledge to multi agency partners to ensure a similar approach. Led by Cameron Draisey, from Wiltshire’s Voice Team and Fiona Hayward Children’s Principal Social worker, you will see examples of writing at various stages of our development and have a try yourself!  Free to attend.  Booking available via Virtual College under the ‘Events’ tile.

Safeguarding Adults Case Review Learning Event - Alcohol and Substance Use - 5th October 10-12

This is an opportunity to hear about learning from safeguarding adult reviews where alcohol dependency has been a significant feature.  This session will also cover; support for practitioners when working with adults with significant safeguarding risks and the services available for individuals and families in Wiltshire.  The event will be held on 5th October 10-12 on MS Teams and is free to attend.

NEW Webinar Recordings

  • DHR Emily – Findings and recommendations from the recently published Domestic Homicide Review
  • DHR Krystyna and Elzbieta (Salisbury DHR) Findings and recommendations from the recently published Domestic Homicide Review
  • Neglect – The recently launched Wiltshire Neglect Framework and learning from local and national case reviews concerning child neglect

These webinar recordings are free to view and can be accessed via the SVPP learning hub under ‘Booking Training’

Virtual College Links:

Training image

SVPP Training and Learning Events

Did you know the SVPP offers a range of free e-learning courses? Modules include Child and Adult Exploitation, Self-Neglect, Learning from Case Reviews, Mental Capacity Act and DoLs and E- Safety.  To book any SVPP training courses including e-learning, click here 

  09.10.2023   Radicalisation and Extremism

  13.10.2023   Neglect

  16.10.2023   Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) Licensed Practitioner Training

  07.11.2023   Domestic Abuse

  14.11.2023   Conferences and Core Groups

  20.11.2023   Radicalisation and Extremism

  22.11.2023   Contextual Safeguarding Courses - Half Day

  28.11.2023   Safer Recruitment

  01.12.2023   Safer Recruitment Refresher

  05.12.2023   Sexualised Behaviour

  07.12.2023   DASH Risk Assessment and MARAC Training

  12.12.2023   Working Together: A Shared Responsibility

  13.12.2023   Neglect

  14.12.2023   Specialist Advanced Practitioner Training


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