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New Children's Integrated Front Door email address

The Integrated Front Door team (formally Children's Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub, or MASH) have a new email address.

All requests for service should now be sent to Integratedfrontdoor@wiltshire.gov.uk; the MASH@wiltshire.gov.uk email address is no longer in use. 

Additionally MASHadmin@wiltshire.gov.uk has been replaced with IFDadmin@wiltshire.gov.uk

There will be a transition period and fail safes in place to ensure nothing is missed during the changeover, however the MASH@wiltshire.gov.uk and MASHadmin@wiltshire.gov.uk email address will be deleted 03/06. 

A reminder that EDSSG@wiltshire.gov.uk is now only used by Adult Social Care EDS, the email address for children out of hours is ChildrenOOH@wiltshire.gov.uk.

Our request for service (previously referral) form has been updated to reflect these changes and can be found on the Wiltshire Council Website or the SVPP Website.  A copy is also provided below. Please ensure that old copies of the form are removed where they have been saved by agencies and individuals, and replaced with the new form.

IFD Request for Service form.


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