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Safeguarding Unborn Babies and Under 1s Presentations

In March 2024 we held a BSW Virtual Summit on Safeguarding Unborn Babies and Under 1s.  The day explored, through a range of workshops and keynote speakers, how we can further develop and improve practice within our systems to support and engage parents and families to prevent harm and was attended by over 500 practitioners, commissioners, managers across the day.

Aims of the day were to:

  • Develop professional curiosity when working with families and parents.
  • Improve practice in hearing the voice of the child and unborn babies and understanding their lived experience.
  • Improve understanding of the importance of early attachment interaction.
  • Improve how we work with and engage fathers.
  • Understand the causational risk of traumatic head injury and a system approach to early intervention.
  • Promote safer sleep.

Presentations from these sessions are available to view below:

Keynote Speech: ICON

ICON Integration and use of ICON across BSW

Workshop: Building Resilience and promoting early attachment

The importance of building resilience and promoting early attachment, including how we ensure we can hear the voice of the child and unborn babies in our work. 

Workshop: System Improvements for Under 1s: Commissioning

Evidence of impact about what works to safeguard unborn babies and under 1’s is often hard to findThis session explored how can we commission differently for outcomes. 

Workshop: Dads Matter Too: Working with and engaging fathers

How we can improve work and engagement with fathers.

Workshop: Improving Understanding of Perinatal Mental Health

Understanding of the importance of early attachment interaction.

Workshop: Tools for practice: Demonstrating professional curiosity in record keeping through analysis, genograms, and ecomaps

Useful tools to aid conversations with families, to build knowledge of the family structure, dynamics and gain the perspective of the mother/father about relationships that are important to them as a source of support. 

Workshop: Learning from case reviews: Local and national learning from case reviews relating to children under 1

Looking at learning from case reviews, both local and national and how we can use this to support and inform our practice.

Workshop: Bruising in non-mobile babies

The importance of identifying bruising in non-mobile babies and a system approach to early intervention

Keynote Speech: Promoting Safer Sleep

Understanding SUDI and how both risk and protective factors work in the sleep environment for infants, and how we define 'increased risk'; barriers to following safer sleep advice for families with infants at increased risk. 


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